Talos Mozharness is Now Integrated with Mach

by jasonyeo

Testing Talos and testing how it’s run in production machines has gotten much easier! I have recently wrote a patch for a mach command that integrates Talos Mozharness into it. This patch clones mozharness and runs the talos_script.py in mozharness to run Talos and Talos tests on the compiled binary that is in the tree.

Running Talos

First, make sure that firefox is already compiled. Then, execute the mach command in the top source directory. Let’s try running the chromez test suite. The list of valid suites are in the talos.json file.

$ ./mach talos-test chromez

And…that’s it! Mozharness will be cloned into the obj-dir and you can see the output from Talos soon after.


If there are any issues with the command please file a bug and CC me to the bug. Enjoy!