I Wanna Flip Bits, Not Burgers!

by jasonyeo

After talking to mentors throughout this week, I finally have two proposals for my GSoC application. I will be applying for SageMath and Thunderbird.

The Matlab Alternative

I’m really excited about contributing to Sage. It’s a open source alternative to popular proprietary products such as Matlab and Mathematica. What’s really cool about it is that it’s in my favorite language, python! I will be working on improving the SageNB usability. See my a draft of my proposal here.

Automate, automate, automate

As for Thunderbird, I am going to work on their automated email ISP configuration manager. Specifically, I’m gonna work on the database. They call it the ISPDB. It’s a database that the ISP configuration manager queries for server configurations of email domains. The user simply have to supply their email address and the manager will query for the configuration (server address, port, protocol, etc) of the email domain. Currently, there’s no way for users to submit configurations to ISPDB directly, so that’s what I’m going to implement for this summer. Another feature that I’m gonna implement is to allow users to edit (or propose changes) to the configurations.

Things are kinda hazy now but I think things will get clearer soon as I talk to the mentors. Hope my proposals get approved. 😉

Update: The url for the svn code repo is at http://svn.mozilla.org/mozillamessaging.com/sites/ispdb.mozillamessaging.com/trunk/ispdb/