2 more patches waiting to be checkin’d!

by jasonyeo

Just a quick update. Two more of my patches are now on its way to the TB code repo. They are:

Bug 635993 – Attachment reminder doesn’t recognize file names with matching file-type extensions

Bug 635938 – Support more common ms-word extensions for the missing attachment query
Now off to more difficult stuff: C++ and Objective C. I am now left withthis:

Bug 309708 – “Send To” unavailable when Thunderbird is the default Mail client on OS X

I have been stuck on this bug for a long time. A TB user has even contacted me to update him on the progress of this bug. Desperation pushed me to search for answers on irc. Thankfully, Mike Conley pointed me to another direction: nsMessengerOSXIntegration.mm. Apparently I have been looking in the wrong direction. I guess I should start mucking around in this file. To make my debugging easier, I need to create a xcode project for TB as I will encounter more C code now.

Also, there are some bugs that are worth looking at with regard to Mac OSX applescript integration. I guess I will come back to this when I am done with this “Send To” bug.

I do pray that I can finish this before the next semester starts but it might seem difficult to do so with all my commitments. Oh God, let me know my priorities.