bugs i still want to work on

by jasonyeo

I just had my last lesson for CP3108, the mozilla module in NUS. I still want to work on some mozilla bugs during the winter holidays. I guess I will post them here to remind myself:

Some updates for the first one. I am looking into how to create my own XPCOM component. This would be especially difficult as I will be creating a objective c component instead of the usual C++ one.

For the second one, I need to look for an UI/UX person to design the icon.

The third requires more time to look at home the filter enumerator works. I would need to just read the C++ function signatures to figure it out. There are zero documentation on this thing.

The fourth needs improvement with the patch that I’ve submitted. It mainly involves some tweaking of the regex and the algorithm used to detect the keywords.

The last one is simple, a patch has been submitted. I am now waiting for the code review.

Back to my exam preparations…