End Of CP3108, Beginning Of My OSS Journey

by jasonyeo

The CP3108 module is coming to an end. In retrospect, I find myself gaining more than what I have contributed to the mozilla community.

Here are some things that I’ve learned:

  • Mercurial – Cloning, updating, reverting files, making and applying patches.
  • XUL – An XML based language that defines the layout in mozilla applications.
  • Javascript debugging using Venkman
  • Unit Testing in Mozilla using Mochitests and XPCshell tests
  • C++ debugging using Xcode and gdb
  • Using IRC – Yes, no joke about it, I don’t know how to use IRC before this module. In particular, this is probably the most important thing we should know when working on OSS. People in the community interact mainly through the irc channels.

There are probably more than I can remember right now. It was truly an exciting and fulfilling journey but the journey doesn’t end here. I am looking forward to working on Python. I am already reading their mailing list archives and asking for simple tasks that a newbie can do. Right now, I will be going to work their documentation for distutils. Here are some of the issues that I will working on:

Looks like I will be quite busy during the holidays. I will continue to document my experiences working on both Mozilla and Python bugs here. Do stay tuned.

Note: I will be posting a video tutorial on how to create firefox extensions some time in my December holidays. If any of you are curious on how to create a simple extension, do stick around.