the man that revolutionized the world

by jasonyeo

Steve Jobs passed away today.

I have only just realized how great this man has influenced my life and the world.

Firstly, I am using an amazing computer to type this on because of him. After using the Mac OSx for the first time 3 years ago, I have fallen in love with it. No one has ever fused good design and usability in an OS before. One thing I love about the OS and the hardware is that it just works. For example, I don’t have to spend time installing and configuring printer drivers on the OS.

Steve also influenced our perspective of usability and design. Although the KISS (Keep it simple stupid) principle has always been around for a long time, no one has made it the cornerstone of his product, until Steve Jobs did. All his products, the iPod, iPhone, and the iMac all speak one word, simple. He was way ahead of his competition. In a technology world that is obsessed with adding features and making their products bloated, only those that were simple stood out. His iPhone was the only phone only one button in the market at that time. Since then, copycats have been trying to follow his design philosophy. Some have even shamelessly copied him wholesale.

Most importantly this man experienced what most of us are afraid of. Failure. First he dropped out of college, and then he got fired from the company he started. These gave him opportunity to learn, experience new things and be creative. Eventually he molded Apple to what it is today. Yes, I love his product and his design style but most importantly his story taught me to not be afraid of failures or mistakes, but to embrace them and look back to see what I have gained.

Thank you Steve.