bug 614407 fixed!

by jasonyeo

Got my first bug fixed. It sure felt good.

The link to the changeset is here: http://hg.mozilla.org/comm-central/rev/814036585e36

Now I’m working on bug 665142 (filterEnumerator) and bug 682183 (composer window no longer notices attachment keywords)

Also, I have recently learned how to use —enablechrome-format=symlink to allow changes to the js files be reflected in TB without restarting TB. This really saves a lot of time!

As for the composer window bug, i have realized that the regresssion is caused by MC code, not CC code.

I have narrowed the origin of regression to four changesets:

building of these changesets really takes time. I do hope I can find the bug and hopefully fix it.
back to work then!