it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s BUGZILLA!

by jasonyeo

I have always wanted to participate in some open source project. It is my dream to contribute to the Linux project. It is the joy of seeing myself being part of a worldwide product used by so many people. Therefore I hope doing CS3018 would give me some experience in doing so.

I am given a choice of either create extensions or fix bugs in Cs3108. Obviously, I chose bug fixing.

I dived into Bugzilla and spent a lot of time swimming through the whole database of bugs. As I don’t really have much C++ experience, I looked for those easier bugs. Here are some that I found by filtering the search results by either [good-first-bugs] in the whiteboard field or student-projects in the keywords field.

Bug 679753 – Scratchpad could probably do without the status bar (Firefox)

Bug 492557 – create a keyboard shortcut HUD? (Firefox)

Bug 670090 – Don’t override system default for (vertical) mouse scrolling (SeaMonkey)

Bug 647644 – Esc to close Find bar when textarea originally had focus sets focus on document, not textarea (camino)

Bug 307857 – Show information about a link when dragging and dropping (camino)

Bug 633792 – NSPasteboard+Utils needs serious style cleanup (camino)

Bug 633088 – control-click on submit buttons shows textfield context menu instead of the page CM (camino)

Bug 614407 – Explanation of “reply to” field would be helpful (thunderbird)

Bug 665142 – mark read by date should use a filter enumerator (thunderbird)

I guess I will narrow down my scope to probably either camino or thunderbird bugs but for now I shall read up the codes in these two products first.